Increase of trips and science progress (Daniel 12:4)

Another important sign about the end times was phophesized by Daniel:

  • Daniel 12:4
    "But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge."

Daniel prophesized two important events. The first one he classifies as many will go here and there”. This is being fulfilled today with the increase of the trips people are taking everywhere, by plane, ship, car etc. The estimative is that million people are in daily transit worldwide.

There had never been such a great number of people travelling everywhere like in the latest 30 years. There are airports, like Congonhas in Sao Paulo city, that reached their maximum air traffic to attend the great demand of passengers to the several destinations inside Brazil. By the way, this is an issue in most of the biggest airports in big populational centers.

In the 20th Century, mankind also travelled into space, went to moon and promises to go to Mars until 2020. Non-crewed flights have already reached Mars in 2003, and transmit images over to Earth in real time.

In the second event, Daniel states that "knowledge will increase". Only in the 20th century, a big explosion in technological advances occurred in all areas. Industries, serial production, electronics, computers entered the life of everyone in planet. Beyond genetics, transgenics, cloning, that are used in biological areas. Today, a pregnant mother can have her child into surgery before he is born.

These same advances continued in the 90's and in 21st century, in the called "era of information", where all is virtual, including the money, through credit cards, debit cards etc. Have you noticed that paper-money is disappearing gradually? The computers, even more sophisticated and smaller, invaded everywhere. Without them, it's no longer possible to survive in this world.

We'll see, later, that this same technology we have today and prophesized by Daniel, will enable the the mark of the beast.

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