The second half of Tribulation period (The Great Tribulation)

If the first half of Tribulation will be a difficult time,the second one promises to be the most suffered time for the human kind. That's why the second half is also known as "The Great Tribulation".

This second haf completes the  seven years of Tribulation and also fulfills all God's judgements upon earth. Immediatelly after that, Christ will return to earth in his  Glorious Appearing.

Within these last 3.5 years, the antichrist will use the  rebuilt temple to declare himself as God. The antichrist will also control the worldwide economy within this period, until he is defeated by Jesus Christ. To do so, the antichrist will put the human kind under his pressure and will demand a mark to swear loyalty to him (the  mark of the beast).

Within this period, God will also send the  Bowls judgement : the third and last judgement upon earth.

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