UN's role in the End Times

UN, since it was founded, has a completely unfavourable historic. The 20th century was marked by the worst wars that human kind has ever seen. USA's president, George W. Bush, ignored UN's order and invaded Iraq with no permission. It seems that UN has lost nation's respect.

The UN leaders recognize their mistake and today, they have a very curious proposal to solve the UN problem: the leaders want to divide the world into 10 regions, each one with its leader.

Some leaders think about a unique currency, and even a unique religion, as a way to pacify the world and avoid future conflicts. We already have an example of unique currency, the Euro, that works in 95% of Europe. The countries in Europe that did not adopt Euro yet, will have, sooner or later, to adopt Euro otherwise will be excluded from european market.

There's another example that is about to happen: The Common Area for America's Commerce. This will be the commercial union of Americas, with no customs, no importing fees.

Within the Tribulation, the antichrist will govern the world from Babylon city, and through the Beast Mark, he will control the worldwide economy. We can easily see, today, that economy is converging to what is predicted in Revelation book.

In the same way, the antichrist will propose and set up a new unique religion. In Revelation 17:5, it's mentioned "BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES". In Revelation 17:3. the Bible says that this prostitute (unique religion) is sitting on a scarlet beast (the  antichrist).

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